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Arkansas Notary Commission Renewal

The Fast and Easy Way to Renew
Your Notary Public Commission
Only $50.00 for a 10-Year Notary Term.

Renewing Your Notary Public Commission is easy as 1-2-3!

A person wishing to renew his or her Arkansas notary public commission must follow all of the same procedures as someone who has never held a notary commission before. The Arkansas notary application must be submitted no earlier than 30 days before the notary’s current commission expiration date.

Just follow these five simple steps to start the application process. You’ll get everything that’s required to renew your Arkansas notary public commission.

Step 1:

Order your 10-year, $7,500 Arkansas notary bond from the American Association of Notaries.

Click on the “Add to Cart” button below to purchase the bond. It is a state requirement that all new Arkansas notary public applicants provide a 10-year, $7,500 Arkansas notary bond. The cost of the 10-year, $7,500 Arkansas notary bond is only $50. The name you use to purchase the bond must be the same name you use to renew your notary commission. Select the bond effective date to match your notary commission expiration date.To speed up the notary application commissioning process, we will email you the bond with complete instructions the same day if you order it before 12:00 noon C.T.

Notary Public Bond
10-Year, $7,500 Arkansas notary bond via email in 1-day $50.00
Your Cost: $50.00
Add to Cart

Step 2:

Order your Arkansas notary supplies from the American Association of Notaries.

Arkansas notary law requires every notary to use an embosser seal or any colored inked stamp as long as the notary stamp impression can be reproduced under photographic methods. All of our Arkansas notary stamps, seals, and record books are made in-house, come with a lifetime replacement guarantee, and comply with Arkansas notary laws. Select one of the complete Arkansas notary supply package from below and then click on the "add to cart" button.

Value Package I
Arkansas notary self-inking rectangular stamp - Item #201 $25.95
Free 1-year membership to AAN – A $19.00 value included with supply order at no additional cost $19.00
Value Package II
Arkansas notary self-inking rectangular stamp - Item #201 $25.95
Arkansas notary record book - Item #702 $8.95
Free 1-year membership to AAN – A $19.00 value included with supply order at no additional cost $19.00
A Total Value of: $44.95
Your Cost: $18.95
A Total Value of: $53.90
Your Cost: $26.95
Add to Cart
Add to Cart
Step 3:

Complete and print the renewal Arkansas notary application on the SOS website.

Follow these steps to complete the notary application:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create an account”
  3. Login to your account using the user ID and password that you created in step 3
  4. Click on the notary tab on the top menu and select “Notary Public Renewal”
  5. Follow the step-by-step instructions listed on the website to complete the application
  6. Print the application
  7. Complete and sign the affidavit section of the application before a notary public
  8. Mail the completed application, the bond, and a $20.00 filing fee to the State.

Step 4:

Take the "oath of office" forms to the circuit clerk's office of your residence county.

The Secretary of State's office will mail you the "oath of office" forms that you need to take to the county clerk's office in your residence county to have your oath administered. You have 30 days from the time you receive the oath forms to complete this process and return the signed "oath of office" to the Secretary of State's office. You are not recognized as a notary until you receive your notary commission certificate from the state.

Step 5:

Fax or email us a copy of your Arkansas notary commission certificate.

Once you are approved as an Arkansas notary, email or fax a copy of your Arkansas notary commission certificate to 1-800-721-2664 or so we can prepare and ship your Arkansas notary supply package.


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